Carpet sliding stands TSA 82 – comfortable and easy to operate

With our well experienced carpet sliding stands you can slide your rugs easily, silent and comfortable.

Several models are available for all carpet sizes, capacities and also customized versions.
The rail / carpet distance is available in 7 cm / 8,5 cm or 10 cm.

Available models:

  • sliding carrier without handle
  • sliding arms with handle
  • sliding frame with handle

On request the carpet sliding system can be equipped with top lighting systems on the presentation section of the stand.
Model TSA 82 with 2 magazines and 1 presentation section


Carrier systems:

The following versions of carrier systems are available:


Rail distance 8,5 cm (recommended for handmade rugs):
We recommend a rail distance of 8,5 cm for thicker handmade rugs. The bigger the rail distance, the more you will have a comfortable handling while sliding rugs into magazines. Of course the depth of stands will increase.

Single parts:
All components are also available as single parts for installation under the ceiling.

1.3-single parts TSA
Custom versions:
Please ask for custom versions with any other carpet sizes, or capacities.