Carpet book stand TVG-61 – full size display


The stands are space-saving, a maximum of carpets being displayed in a very small place. The range of carpets is simply thumbed through like a picture book. Each carpet is loaded in our special aluminum carpet hanger. By pressing down the handles, the carpet will be fixed automatically when closing the hanger. Carpets are to be loaded into the aluminum hanger on the floor, and will be hung up in the stand by lifting stick. This standard version allows one point of sale (POS).

Carpet book stand TVG-61 180° and 360° – full size display

The system is divided in two sections, for example 2 x 20 = 40 carpets. By this, there are created two POS (point of sales). Two customers can make their choices at the same time.
gra8The system is divided in four sections, for example 4 x 20 = 80 carpets.
By this, there are created four POS (point of sales) and four customers can make their choices at the same time.

Carpet book stands TVG-54 and TVG-53 – half size display

TVG-54 free standing
On this display stand half of the carpet surface is on display. This means that it is simply hung over a rod, so that half can be seen. This kind of display is
ideal in any situation where there is not sufficient room height available for the fullsized display, or where investment costs must be kept to a minimum.

TVG- 53 free standing
Practically identical in constuction with TVG-54. However, in this version 2 rods are arranged one above the other. After being loaded they are held in place one above the other by an insertable connection support. In order to swing carpets out, you have only to take the handle of the lower rod. The double carrier rod system saves even more space. The same floor area can accommodate approx. 40% more carpets.