Great advantages of Schneider paternosters


  • pat_eskaCut costs by saving space.
  • Efficiently use room height.
  • Optimize comfort and handling with fewer personnel.
  • Display a maximum number of rolls using minimum ground space.
  • Machines are delivered for standard roll widths 200 / 300 / 400 / 500 cm (special widths on request) and standard heights of 240 to 600 cm.

Secondhand market
Get a good machine at an attractive cost-performance ratio. We also give quotes for secondhand machines that were made in Germany and in good condition. Secondhand machines are carefully reconditioned and checked before delivery. We also include new metal casings and repaint most visible parts.
gebr. pat

Suitable for loading and unloading paternosters and roll transport.
Technical data:
load capacity 300 kg
length 500 mm
width 300 mm
height 480 mm




Universal cutting and guide rail USF + Mafell TS 400 A1

We deliver the USF rail for carpet and PVC floorings 200, 300, 400 and 500 cm wide rolls. In USF various knives can be used.

f_schieneArticle numbers USF rails:
for rolls 200 cm 851 043 000
for rolls 300 cm 851 043 200
for rolls 400 cm 851 044 000
for rolls 500 cm 851 045 000

Clamping device (1 pair)
851 046 000
for clamping USF rail onto carpet
Squaring guide (90° cut) for USF
851 047 000
can be fixed at clamping device


Cutting at roll-stand with USF,
carpet clamping device and
carpet cutter.





Cutting on the floor with USF,
squaring guide, clamping
device and carpet cutter.




Electric hand cutter Mafell TS 400 A1
The professional electric hand cutter Mafell TS 400 A1 provides most comfortable operation and can also be used with USF and cutting tables.
The reliability of the Mafell TS 400 A1 has made it a longstanding product on the market.

The Mafell TS 400 A1 and other various hand cutters can also be used with USF in front of roll stands and paternosters.