Cutting tables

With cutting tables, rolls can be easily unrolled from paternosters, measured, cut and packed.

Main features:

  • durable pre-selection mechanical counter.
  • easy length input with the use of buttons.
  • hand and foot-operated three-roller winding trough.
  • horizontal guide for use with electric and handheld cutters.
  • predominately aluminium components help save money and allow easy handling.
  • low working height enables easy roll feeding.
  • standard version for goods 200 / 300 / 400 / 500 cm.

Please ask about our special offers on:
– TRPA roll paternosters
– TMS cutting tables

foliePacking foil (double-layed)
thickness = 0,08 mm
width of roll = 800 mm
opened foil width = 1600 mm
roll length = 200 m






schneidetisch_3Cutting machines facilitate the measuring, cutting and rolling of carpeting. Available accessories: electric or handheld cutting machine with guide, packing foil holder, packing foil, guide rails with special hollow-ground running wheels.
For wholesalers, we also deliver cutting tables with winding troughs, see picture right. Rolls are transported from high shelves to the winding trough using a pin lift.

2nd hand market
Paternoster and cutting tables (German fabricates) are also available as 2nd hand products and offer you an attractive price-performance ratio. These machines are always in good condition and carefully checked by our technicians before delivery. In addition, we deliver new metal casings of 2nd hand paternosters for a good optical view. Please let us know your request – with pleasure we would like to send our detailed quotation.

Sample picture of 2nd hand cutting table