Mobile sports floorings: installation and storage
Laying of sports floorings for temporary sports events and functions, with the on-off rolling device Roll-SOLO ®.

For sports clubs, local authorities and academies. Together with floor covering manufacturers we have developed a handling system that considerably improves ease of installation, removal, and storage of temporary sports / events coverings.
Perfect unrolling exactly at seam of the flooring – by one person.

Easily onrolling of flooring after the event.

Storage of rolls in roll stand, or several Roll-SOLO.


mobile_zu1Roll hoist (pair)
Easy upload or download of rolls. One pair can be used at several roll stands. Roll hoist has a ratio 1:4 and safety brake if handle snaps back.






With 4 brakes, for roll storage and transport.






Supportive brackets
This system provides the most convenient operation and safety through a locking strap and built-in brake.




mobile_zu5Poles with chamfer
For widths of rolls 150 cm and 200 cm. Flooring can be fixed exactly to chamfer.



Lifting handles (pair)
Zinc-plated, for lifting up and hanging in of poles with rolls on.






Fastening belt grey
Of frieze band with velcro fastener and plastic buckle.
Available in two lengths:
Length 1,20 m, Width 30 mm
Length 2,10 m, Width 30 mm


mobile_zu6Adhesive tape one-sided
50 mm wide, length 33 meter.