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TRS roll stands with accessories

A variety of roll stands are available for all usual roll widths.

TRS roll stands are suitable for carpet and PVC rolls. The variable hanging system enables an optimal use of available capacity. Standard construction heights are 255 cm – 200 cm – 170 cm – 155 cm. Other heights may be available upon request. The following are available: stationary / without wheels, free mobile / on wheels, one-sided loading, or double-sided loading.

Roll poles for roll widths 200 cm, 300 cm, 400 cm and 500 cm available. Ends of poles have square hole to put in lifting handles, roll hoist, pole winding crank, or electric pole winder.

Supportive brackets: Roll poles hang up in special pole supportive brackets (see right photo). This system provides the most convenient operation and safety through a locking strap and built-in brake.

Special cones connect the inside plastic or card-board tube with poles, see right photo.

Lifting handles (pair) Zinc-plated, for lifting up and hanging in of poles with rolls on.

Pole winding crank Can be put in each square hole of poles. For even more easy and quicker winding up and unwinding rolls.

Pole Positioning Lever The location of rolls can be changed using the pole positioning lever.

Roll hoist (pair) Easy upload or download of rolls. One pair can be used at several roll stands. Roll hoist has a ratio 1:4 and safety brake if handle snaps back.

Frame Extension Pair The frame extension pair is only to support the roll hoist. It enables the lifting of rolls to the highest position on roll stands.

Universal cutting and guide rail USF + Mafell TS 400 A1. We deliver the USF rail for carpet and PVC floorings 200, 300, 400 and 500 cm wide rolls. In USF various knives can be used.

Cutting at roll-stand with USF, carpet clamping device and carpet cutter.

This professional electric hand cutting machine USM-G offers the highest cutting comfort and is used together with the USF.

Electric pole winder can be put in each square hole of poles. For even more easy and quicker winding up and unwinding rolls.

The FMS 1100 measuring and cutting device is suitable for widths of rolls up to 110 cm, while the FMS 1500 is for widths up to 150 cm. The FMS includes a length counter and an unwind-pole. It is mobile on wheels, saves space and is light in weight.

RFW Roll stands are functional, save space and have a variable hanging system.

There are roll stands for all widths of rolls up to 150 cm available. The standard construction height is 183 cm. We can also produce other heights and versions upon request.

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