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Marking device for playing fields

Easily make exact linings for playing fields with our marking device.
1) If the marking is to be painted on sports floorings, two parallel masking tapes are taped with the marking head.
2) For temporary linings with our special marking tapes in different colors.

Marking up to 9 m radius

Radius with masking tape

Circle Cutter Ø 30 – 160 mm to cut out circles in order to insert poles.

Radius with marking tape

1) marking head for tape
2) marking head for masking tape
3) extension poles
4) pole-connections
5) centre-part with 2 suction cups
6) sheet metal guiding for straight lines
7) transporting case ABS
8) futteral for extension poles

Template-Set (2 pieces) For cutting of divided straight lines, or radii of 9 m.

Straight line with marking tape

Circle cutting head to cut circles in sports floorings. Can be changed against marking head.

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