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Marking device of playing fields

– For permanent paint markings using protective tape – For temporary markings with our special marking tapes

Markings for radii up to 9 m

Radius with protective tape (painter’s tape)

Circle Cutter Diameter 30 – 160 mm For cutting out curves for insertion of post.

Radius with marking tape

1) marking head for tape
2) marking head for masking tape
3) extension poles
4) pole-connections
5) centre-part with 2 suction cups
6) sheet metal guiding for straight lines
7) transporting case ABS
8) futteral for extension poles

Template-Set (2 pieces) For cutting dashed lines 1x for straight lines, 1x for radius 9 meters.

Straight line with marker tape

Circle cutting head for cutting pitch markings in sports floors – can be exchanged for the marking head

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