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Hall protecting coverings PROTECTSPORT

Floor protection for special occasions

Municipalities and clubs are increasingly using sports and gymnasiums as multi-purpose halls. To protect the indoor sports floor for this type of use, the hall must be covered with a protective covering.

PROTECTSPORT robust and sturdy protective flooring is used for temporary protection of floor coverings. The use of this protective flooring is recommended in multi-purpose sports halls, schools, theatre or concert halls, or at trade fairs, as well as other events.

Devices for installation and handling for local authorities and sports clubs, in order to protect sports-floorings at non-sporting events.

In cooperation with the flooring industry, we have developed a logistics system that makes laying, picking up and storing of covering materials for multi-purpose halls much easier. In addition, the covering materials are largely protected by professional storage and can therefore be used for a long time.

Please watch our application video.

The delivery program includes different product versions and a variety of useful accessories.

Standard version winding and unwinding device with hand cranks.

Dispenser SF with sealing tape to seal up the seams of strips.

In addition, the winding and unwinding device can also be equipped with an electric winding gear. This makes operation child’s play, saves even more time and protects the operating staff.

Roll hoist (pair)

Lifting handles

Roll-up tubes with chamfer.

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