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New ways with storage- and display technology from SCHNEIDER …





We are your specialist for professional storage of protective floors, sports floors, carpets, rugs, wall to wall floorings and much more. SCHNEIDER has been established successfully in the market since more than 60 years now. We delivered our wide range of display systems to a lot of customers all over the world.

Our cover system with protecting coverings for sports halls provides ideal floor protection for events in multi-purpose halls. The installation and storage of protective floor coverings is made much easier and time saving.

The coverings are ideally stored in our stationary and mobile roll stands. The roll storage of roll material is thereby gentle, space-optimized and flexible. In addition, for sports halls we offer a highly developed marking device

You want to display your rugs in a sales-promoting and appealing way? Here we are your specialist with our systems of carpet and rugs presentation: Sliding stands, high quality aluminum carpet hangers, rug clips, carpet stands and carpet accessories offer a variety of possibilities.

For roll storage of PVC rolls, carpet rolls, fabric rolls, pond liners, or any other type of roll material, paternosters with cutting tables, as well as our roll stands are available.

The strong and long-lasting high quality is doubtless a reason, why we have established such a well recommended reputation. With our equipment you will receive excellent products in best quality. Our qualified staff provides to you well developed experience.

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