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Rug Clip System

You too can use this decorative way of presenting your rugs in the best possible way. Individual rugs can be displayed decoratively on walls, columns or pillars – with our rug clip system, especially developed for this type of individual presentation.

The supporting tubes have a length of 250 cm. Two end caps are required for each support tube. Two support tubes next to each other can be connected with a support element.

For rug clips we recommend a clip distance of approx. 40 cm, for support elements a distance of approx. 70 – 80 cm.

Rug clamp 77 for round tube clamp spacing approx. 40 cm chrome plated 853 811 500 brass plated 853 811 000

Support tubes Ø 25 mm, length 250 cm. Several support tubes can be connected to each other using support elements. chrome 853 811 525 brass plated 853 811 025

Support element 76 Carrier distance approx. 70 cm chrome 853 811 502 brass plated 853 811 002

End button 75 chrome plated 853 811 501 brass plated 853 811 001

Rug clamp for edge and Round tube up to Ø 25 mm chrome plated 853 811 700

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