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Rug stand TVG-61 – full-surface presentation –

An optimum of goods is presented in the smallest of spaces. The rugs are flipped through easily and effortlessly like a picture book. Each rug is placed in our special aluminium support rail. By pressing down the locking lever, the rugs are automatically fastened when closing. This standard version has a POS (point of sale).

The system is divided into two sections, 2 x 20 = 40 rugs. This creates two POS (point of sales), so that 2 customers can choose at the same time.

This system is divided into four sections, 4 x 20 = 80 rugs. There are four POS (point of sales) here, and four customers can choose from four assortments at the same time.

TVG-54 freestanding With this presentation stand, the rugs are presented half-surface. This means that it is simply hung over a support arm and is therefore half visible. This type of presentation is ideal wherever the room height is not sufficient for a full-surface carpet presentation or where the investment costs are to be kept as low as possible.

TVG-53 freestanding Practically identical to TVG-54. With the TVG-53, however, 2 support arms are arranged one above the other. After loading, both support arms are held vertically one above the other by an insertable connection support. To swivel the rugs, you only need to hold the handle of the lower support arm. The double support arm arrangement saves even more space. Approx. 40% more rugs can be hung on the same floor space.

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