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Cutting tables

With the cutting table, immediately after the presentation, the desired carpet and PVC coverings are unrolled from the paternoster, measured and cut to the desired size and packaged.

Main features:
– robust, mechanical pre-set counter – Simple preselection entry via button – Operation of the 3-roller roll-up tray via hand and foot controls horizontal guide for cutting with the electric hand cutting machine or hand cutter – Manufactured largely from aluminium components, making it lightweight and easy to handle – Low construction, therefore easy reaching when inserting material We deliver the devices for standard roll widths 200 / 300 / 400 / 500 cm

Cutting tables make it easy to measure, cut and wrap the material. You can get an extensive range of accessories for the cutting tables, such as electric hand cutting machines with

guide skids, packaging film holders, film rolls, steering wheels or hollow-ground wheels with suitable half-round guide rails. For cutting wholesale rolls cutting tables with unrolling trays are available. The individual rolls are transported from the high rack with a mandrel stacker and placed in the unrolling tray for processing.

Packaging film (semi-tubular film)
Material thickness = 0,08 mm Roll width 800 mm Foil width 1600 mm Roll length 200 rm

Cutting machines facilitate the measuring, cutting and rolling of carpeting. Available accessories: electric or handheld cutting machine with guide, packing foil holder, packing foil, guide rails with special hollow-ground running wheels. For wholesalers, we also deliver cutting tables with winding troughs, see picture right. Rolls are transported from high shelves to the winding trough using a pin lift.

Paternoster and cutting tables (German fabricates) are also available as 2nd hand products and offer you an attractive price-performance ratio. These machines are always in good condition and carefully checked by our technicians before delivery. In addition, we deliver new metal casings of 2nd hand paternosters for a good optical view. Please let us know your request – with pleasure we would like to send our detailed quotation.

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