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TRS roll stands and accessories

All possible types of rolled goods can be stored. The roll stands are also available fully galvanized for outdoor installation – on further request.

There is a choice of different product versions for all common roll widths. Thanks to the variable hanging system, the capacity can always be fully utilised. Standard height: 255 cm – other heights on request. The following models are available: one-sided stationary or mobile – double-sided stationary or mobile – floor-wall fixed.

Bars in the material widths of 200, 300, 400 and 500 cm for storage in the bar carriers. Square ends for carrying handle, roller winding, hand crank or the electric winding gear.

Bar carrier for storing the material bar. Equipped with plastic plain bearings, an integrated brake and a safety bracket, the system offers maximum ease of use and safety.

With the roll centring, the roll is fixed to the cardboard core and mounted on the bar. The use of a carrying handle, roller lift, hand crank or electric winding gear is also possible with the roll centring.

Carrying handles (pair) galvanized, for lifting and hanging the bars.

Hand crank can be attached to any bar. Winding and unwinding of the floor covering rolls from the bars. Gear ratio 1:4 with crank recoil protection, standard version on the right.

Roller elevator (pair) The elevator has a gear ratio of 1:4 and is equipped with a crank anti-kickback device.

Hanging device (pair) Additional device for effortless hanging carpet rolls in stages within a carpet roll stand.

With the pair of attachments and the roll elevator, floor covering rolls can be hung right at the top of the roll stand. (Only 1 pair of attachments required for a TRS system with various stands).

Universal cutting and guide rail USF for material widths of 200, 300, 400 and 500 cm. The profile made of aluminium is light and easy to handle – it has guide grooves for simple cutting tools as well as electric cutting machines.

Cutting on the carpet roll stand with USF, fastening clamp and carpet cutter with hold-down device. Cutting on the floor with USF, angle stop and carpet cutter with hold-down device.

This professional electric handheld clipper USM-G offers maximum cutting comfort and is used together with the USF.

The EWG electrical winding and unwinding gear can be attached to any bar. For effortless winding of the rolls, e.g. from the RTAG roll transport and unwinding device onto the bars.

The measuring and cutting device FMS 1100 is suitable for material widths up to 110 cm and the version FMS 1500 for material widths up to 150 cm. Supplied with a measuring counter and unwinding bar. The FMS can be moved freely on castors, saves space and is characterized by its low weight.

The space-saving and functional RFW roll stands have a variable hanging system.

Versions are available for all roll widths up to 150 cm. The standard height is 183 cm – we can also supply other heights and designs on request.

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